Strength Cards: How They Can Raise Self-Awareness

Your clients can discover their strengths

The Strength Cards are a great way for raising self awareness in clients individually or in groups.

Strength cards for use by coaches, managers, teams or teachers to inspire powerful coaching conversations. Strength cards can be a highly effective as conversation starters so that clients can open up to talk easily about what is on their mind, accessing both thoughts and feelings. These cards can introduce another dimension to the coaching conversation.

Here are 10 ways on how to raise self-awareness using strength cards:-

  • Just spread out the cards and ask you client to choose 5 cards that really stand out for them. These are strengths that are natural for them and give them a positive vibe. When they consider these strengths, they will feel like these are there core strengths – in a sense they recognise that these are wired in.
  • It is best for the client to get some feedback and ask someone else, who knows them well, to choose their top strengths for them. See if they match. If others recognise those strengths in you, it helps the client to confirm their own selection. Can that third party give you specific examples of the strengths in action.
  • Get your client to Understand how their core strengths play out in their lives. How are they used? In what situations are they used? What postive impact do these strengths make on their life? Encourage them to use their main strength intentionally every day. Set a task for your client to purposefully and intentionally use one of the core strengths on a regular basis, say, at least once a week.
  • Encourage your client to use their  core strengths in an original way. So, instead of just using their key strengths habitually, support them in developing a particular strength by extending its reach. So, for instance, if ‘persistance’ is one of their strengths and they use it currently to try and finish a difficult project, see how this strength might play out when setting particular goals, or researching a new subject.
  • We should each have a number of strengths, many of which are not tried and tested on a regular basis. Which ones do you under use and why? Choose one of these strengths and start to use it consciously in your life. Strengths are like muscles – use it or lose it!
  • For you and your clients – if you are facing a specific problem at work or at home, check through the cards and choose a strength that might help you cope with this problem. It may not be one of your strengths so it won’t solve the problem, but it will act as a catalyst to understand the character strength you need in a difficult situation and perhaps ask for the help of someone you recognise with that strength.

    strength cards for self awareness
    Strength Cards from St Luke’s
  • To enhance relationships, ask your partner, work colleague or family member to choose their top strengths. Give them examples of where you have seen these strengths play out.
  • Here;s a way to postively affirm someone else. Choose a strength card for someone you love, or an individual you work with. Perhaps even someone you are facing difficulties with. Give them the strength card and tell them why you have chosen it for them, offering positive praise.
  • Use strengths cards and language readily and frequently. Strength cards are a valuable addition to any coaching toolkit. Great for use in a variety of contexts with individuals and teams, the playing card size and format makes them easy to carry around and use spontaneously or as part of a planned exercise.
  • Clients can choose to work with words or images.  discovering or confirming a client’s strengths and then exploring ways of using these strengths to help them achieve their goals.
strength cards showing humorous, caring, hopeful
More strength cards from St Luke’s

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