Online Coaching: Avoid these 4 Mistakes and Grow Quicker

4 Suggestions When Starting an Online Coaching Business

If you want to start online coaching, you will want to put some things in place before you start taking on clients. That means learning everything you can about coaching, developing a game plan for helping clients and being able to bounce back when something isn’t working properly. You need a certain amount of resilience.

But even with the best laid plans you will still make some mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the learning curve that comes with starting any new business whether online or not. While it is difficult to legislate for every possible mistake, here are 4 avoidable mistakes when coaching online. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to establish your business a bit quicker.

Mistake 1: Trying to do everything

Starting a business may mean that you need to know about many different things, but if you try to do everything you will achieve very little (except burning yourself out).

Perhaps you can write well or maybe you are happier with connecting with people one on one. Perhaps you love video or developing your website. What about internet marketing, SEO, or starting a membership site?

In addition you may be a parent or grandparent with all the time that needs to be devoted to that. So, have about finding out what you are really good at – and then finding help with the other areas?

Mistake 2. Having a bad website

online coachingI have heard some entrepreneurs say that you don’t need a particular good website or even that you don’t need a website at all. Whilst that may work for some, most of us need a shop window to the world. Your website is important. Your website does not need to be fancy with all the bells and whistles – it can be simple (like this one) – but it needs to be easy for your prospective clients to navigate and know what you have to offer.

If you are going to develop your own website, make sure that you know how to continually improve it so that it is an interesting and informative experience for everyone who visits. Make sure that you spend some time and money making your website shine, because it is your face to the online world.

3. Concentrating Too Much on Training and Certification

It is important to know what you are doing and for others to know that you have taken the trouble to learn. But learning is a life-long experience. You can learn as you go along. In the early days of building your business, you need to invest in other areas of your business that will help prospective clients to know you are there. You need to consider the time and costs of website development, equipment, software, content and promotion for your online coaching business.

Mistake 4. Not having enough cash to start and grow your business

online coachingInternet businesses require relatively little money to start up. You don’t need to lease an office, or travel to work – you can work from home. A bricks and mortar business would cost far more.

But you sometimes need to spend money in order to make money. If you are starting part time while you have a regular day job, then perhaps you can start with $200 or $300  – this would cover the costs of webhosting, domain names, website development and so forth.

If you want to start full time, then you will need to have some savings to fall back on – probably enough to keep you going for 6 months while you start to get a regular income stream from onloine contacts.

These are just 4 mistakes to avoid when online coaching.

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