Choose Thoughts like You Choose Words

by alan
Choose Thoughts like You Choose Your Words You have learned that when you choose thoughts and make an impact on your growth and potential, now you can also take a look at another area in your life. Consider for a moment that there are two components of whether or not you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Growing up, you may have been told that you are not as good as someone else in a certain academic subject, sport, or talent. This has been your belief for all of your life. After all, you were told this over […]

Coaching Certification: Is It Required to Be a Great Coach?

by Alan
Do You Need Coaching Certification to Be an Online Coach? Coaching certification is an important aspect of being a life coach. When someone wants to get into life coaching, one of the things that they often ask about is the type of training or certification that is available or required. While there is no regulatory committee that makes sure that life coaches all have a minimum amount of training and passing test scores like there is for doctors and psychiatrists. There are certifications that you can get and training programs that will not only give you some great tools to […]

Successful Coaches: Defined by These 5 Qualities

by Alan
5 Qualities of  Successful Coaches When it comes to coaching people, there are many qualities that  successful coaches exhibit. In fact, every coach has some good qualities that you could list, but if you talk to enough coaches and you get to know the people at the top of the industry, you will notice a pattern starting to emerge. There are some qualities that are self-evident in a good coach, for example, they should have a passion to help people succeed, they should be honest and motivated themselves to motivate their clients. You will see that the most successful coaches […]

Coaching Difficult Clients: 4 Powerful Tips

by Alan
Make coaching difficult clients easier If you stay in the coaching business long enough, you are eventually going to run into what industry professionals call “problem clients.” These are clients that are difficult to deal with for whatever reason, and they often have to be handled with kid gloves. So what makes coaching difficult clients easier? The behavior itself varies, and can run the gamut from anger to inappropriate comments or touching. You need to develop a strategy for dealing with these problem clients and see if you can change their behavior, and if not, your strategy should include a […]

Online Coaching: Avoid these 4 Mistakes and Grow Quicker

by Alan
4 Suggestions When Starting an Online Coaching Business If you want to start online coaching, you will want to put some things in place before you start taking on clients. That means learning everything you can about coaching, developing a game plan for helping clients and being able to bounce back when something isn’t working properly. You need a certain amount of resilience. But even with the best laid plans you will still make some mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the learning curve that comes with starting any new business whether online or not. While it is difficult to […]

Should a Mentor Have a Mentor? Powerful Reasons Why

by Alan
Why should a mentor have a mentor? Should a mentor have a mentor? Well, look at this quote from the great leadership guru,  John Maxwell. There is always someone a bit further down the line than you. A mentor is someone who teaches, guides and lifts you up by virtue of his or her experience and insight. They’re usually someone a little farther ahead of you on the path—though that doesn’t always mean they’re older! A mentor is someone with a head full of experience and heart full of generosity that brings those things together in your life. – John […]

What Are Your Strengths: 14 Powerful Questions to Add Power To Your Life

by Alan
Good Questions regarding Strengths “What are your strengths?” is a favourite question for job interviews. That’s the time when you can ‘blow your own trumpet’. It’s worth listing your strengths – not just for job interviews, but for the goals you want to set for your own life. How can we use our strengths to achieve our goals? (not a bad question in itself!). It is best to be specific, especially at a job interview, because that is where you stake your claim for the position. You can start by making a list and dividing it into 3 parts:- Knowledge-based […]

Strength Cards: How They Can Raise Self-Awareness

by Alan
Your clients can discover their strengths The Strength Cards are a great way for raising self awareness in clients individually or in groups. Strength cards for use by coaches, managers, teams or teachers to inspire powerful coaching conversations. Strength cards can be a highly effective as conversation starters so that clients can open up to talk easily about what is on their mind, accessing both thoughts and feelings. These cards can introduce another dimension to the coaching conversation. Here are 10 ways on how to raise self-awareness using strength cards:- Just spread out the cards and ask you client to […]

Why is promoting self-awareness in our coaching clients so important?

by Alan
Promoting self-awareness in our coaching clients What is self awareness? According to the Oxford Dictionary, self-awareness is, “the Conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires”. To have a complete knowledge of self, then, seems like a tall order. Is this knowledge something that can be learnt in a day, or is it the result of a lifetime of learning? Like most things that have worthwhile life-long value, there is a starting place, and a continuing commitment to learning, and it may be something that we cannot do on our own. An old proverb states, “the purpose of […]